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Me and a Middle Aged Mermaid April 17, 2015

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mermaidMore details of the reading on 13 May as part of the Wandsworth Fringe Festival.

Pictured left is not the middle aged mermaid drag queen I’ll be reading with, but it is a middle aged mermaid with a somewhat drag aesthetic.

Wandsworth Fringe Variety Show, featuring performances to delight your senses. An old school variety show with acapella singers, fun filled cabaret, poetry, comedy, avant garde performance art, and more!  Performing for your pleasure are:

Claire Benjamin – Host
Lynn Ruth Miller – Our delectable Octogenerian Cabaret performer
Gareth Edward – Middle aged mermaid
Treblemakers – Beautiful female acapella singers
Silvia Ziranek – Performance artist
Julia Bird – Poet
Steven Seller – Singer comedian
Dan Simpson – Spoken word performer
Mark Lester – Singer comedian


A Joy [is still] Forever March 31, 2015

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flowersMore Keatsing, this time florally, for his house festival in June …

A Joy Forever: afternoon tea in the company of John Keats, with poets Julia Bird and Mike Sims. 2pm, Sunday 7 June

‘White hawthorn, and the pastoral eglantine … fast-fading violets … the coming musk-rose’ is the tussie-mussie arranged by Keats in his Ode to a Nightingale, tussie-mussie being the Georgian term for a posy of flowers. Keats’ thoughts and feelings about flowers are the starting points for an afternoon picnic combining performances of his poems and letters, games, gifts and tea. Price includes light refreshments.

Tickets from here eventually (not on sale at the time o’ posting).


Monoglot Intrigue

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thesisHere are the beautifully bound thoughts of Italian student Barbara Gerallini who has written her degree thesis on my poetry. Maddeningly, I’ve got to wait till it gets translated before I can see what she’s written.


Some more readings …

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I’ll be in Letchworth with the Firm of Poets on 19 June, in Bloomsbury with them on 28 October and at the Torbay Festival of Poetry on 23 October. More details as I have ’em.


On the bill with a stripping granny … March 24, 2015

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I will be reading at the Wandsworth Fringe Variety Show at the splendid Balham Bowls Club on May 13. Also on the bill is dixieland jazz, avant-garde performance art and a stripping granny. Outfit planning starts now.


Twenty four Seven Blossom Review … February 6, 2015

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Chris Beckett for London Grip and his 24/7B thoughts here.


Roses are blue, violets are red …

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A call from lovely Robyn at the Poetry Society. ‘Interflora have been in touch’ she said ‘And they want someone to write a formula for the perfect love poem to assist bouquet-buying customers with their romantic messages on flower cards this Valentine’s Day. Are you up for it?’

I pondered hard. There’s no such thing as a formula for a poem of course … but all the work I do via Jaybird is to do with connecting poetry with new audiences, so I thought that I probably could find a way to jink and wangle some sort of poem recipe that stayed true to my beliefs about the utterly unformulaic nature of the art, but also provided some genuine advice for people wanting to turn a memorable phrase for their Valentine sweethearts. Besides, the title poem of my last book is about a flower stall, I’m currently researching Keats’ floral imagery for another Joy Forever event and we’re working on a garden poetry programme at the Poetry School – flowers and love and poetry are already as entwined in my thought processes as ivy climbing up grapevine.

Here’s what I came up with – x(p + b + c + o)

A week to go till Valentine’s Day. Plenty of time to write something beautiful.



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