Twelfth Night Joy

Mike Sims and I return to Keats House on 5th January for Twelfth Night Joy Forever … Georgian parlour games, poetry and fine cake.

Update: look at the lovely 12th Night cake Suzie Cakes made for us. Look what happened to it.

cakecake 2



Get a Grip

Another review of Now You Can Look, this time by Chris Beckett for London Grip magazine. ‘Bird’s soft voice in your ear feels like a magician’s patter, revelatory, playful, even outrageous’

Instead of a card …

ten-poems-about-sisters-coverAlthough I am one, I don’t have any. Sisters. I do however have a poem in this new anthology from Candlestick Press (themed anthologies of 10 poems, light enough to post instead of a card), alongside Wendy Cope, Michael Donaghy, Galway Kinnell, Esther Morgan, P K Page, Dorothea Smartt, Jean Tepperman, Jack Underwood and Julia Webb. A sister-in-law I do have, and I shall post her my extra copy now.