Book’s out, book’s out!

9781907773563frcvr.inddTwenty-four Seven Blossom’s official publication date is today.




Unspeakably vulgar as it is to punt one’s own product, that’s what I must do.


(When it comes to unspeakable vulgarity, I know what I’m talking about. There’s a poem in the book where a cream tea for two is served off someone’s bum.)


So … you can buy the book from Amazon here . Or contact me and buy it from me direct, assured in the knowledge that the tax I’ll pay on the profit I’ll make will fund a teaspoon of grit to fill in that nasty pothole outside your house. Or from here  to keep a nice independent bookshop in business.


And if you want to hear as well as read, I’ve got some dates coming up …


Saturday 28 September – Shuffle at the Poetry Cafe  

One of the poems from the book (not even the cream tea one) is in the forthcoming Emma Press Anthology of Mildly Erotic Verse. I’ll be reading at two dates on the book’s tour – in Brighton on 18 October and London on 31 October

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