Twenty-Four Seven Blossom

9781907773563frcvr.inddNew book, isn’t it handsome? Published Autumn 2013 or so with Salt. A bit more info …

Following Julia Bird’s well-received debut poetry collection Hannah and the Monk comes Twenty-Four Seven Blossom, a book of impossible dreams, poetic optical illusions and lyrics that demand to be read on one puff of breath. While our flowers might never bloom twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, here’s a book to distract and console you while you wait.

A blurb, from Clare Pollard …

‘Twenty-Four Seven Blossom is a joyous, generous book.  There isn’t a page that doesn’t gift the reader with a sumptuous image or fascinating fact.  Julia Bird creates a cabaret from the ‘small chaos’ of life: a monkey battles a lizard; a kingfisher poses in ‘the colours of jockey silks’; a waitress offers up ‘clotted cream, bramble jam / on the lazy susan of my bum’.  It made me want to shout bravo and send the poet a bouquet.’

A puff, from Daljit Nagra …

‘Whether it be a jam jar, the twin of a doll, a full English or a meringue, Julia Bird deftly conceives herself from within her exciting conceits so object and self are illuminated to celebratory effect.’


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