Beside the Seaside

photograph from the series South Lookout, Aldeburgh, by Nick Sinclair.During the early months of this year, poets and writers, Simon Barraclough, Julia Bird, Joey Connolly, Rebecca Perry, Anna Selby and Gemma Seltzer took turns to stay overnight in the Lookout Tower on Aldeburgh beach, braving snow, wind,waves and curious dog-walkers.

‘Looked Out’ is a record of their stay: the new poems and pieces they wrote inspired by the shifting Suffolk Coastline.

Saturday 13 April

Read, hear and experience the new work inspired by the Lookout: poetry films, takeaways, exhibitions and live performances. Pay for poems with pebbles, see poems go up in smoke, play hunt the story. Stay for two minutes or twenty, bring your icecreams.

The Tower will be open at the following times: 10am – noon, 1 – 2.30pm, 3 – 4pm

For full information please contact: Caroline Wiseman, Aldeburgh Beach Lookout and Art House, 31 Crag Path, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, IP15 5BS ( / 01728 452754 /


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