Sauce. For Valentines Day.

Check out Alice’s wondrous copywriting …
‘Ladies hold tight to your romantic ideals!! Though husbands, boyfriends and lovers grow sweaty palmed and faint with the responsibility of Valentines revelry, Club Holloway-Smith Noir is on hand to relieve the burden from their emotionally repressed shoulders and make ‘dinner and a movie’ a thing of the dreary past. Offering a red hot bill of dazzling burlesque starlets and saucy new poets, we are determined to stir up a vigorous tribute to Saint Valentine this 14th February.

Aphrodisiac; Salon D’Amour is sure to delight gentlewomen and fellas alike, with its rousing mix of salacious verse and cockle warming striptease, served up with a generous menu of lusty gastronomy. Read for your aural pleasure: the blackened wit of Mark Waldron, the heady romance of Amy Key, the pert lyricism of Julia Bird, and the dizzying imagination of Wayne Holloway-Smith. You’ll encounter an ass slapping general, a lovestruck Dougal and his unbeknowing dame Florence, and a human breakfast platter amongst the debauched confessions and eccentric fantasies of these literary amabassadors

Dancing to invoke the muse: The vivacious Tallulah Tempest and the sultry Emerald Fontaine bring you a rousing celebration of the female form, perfect for a little Valentines inspiration.

Our carefully selected seasonal menu is bursting with virility. Featuring both classic aphrodisiac cuisine and some more unusual shapes. Each platter is served to share and we encourage you to tuck in and get your fingers dirty as well as your intentions.

All this lies in wait in Mme Holloway-Smith’s intimate boudoir setting, temporarily taking up residence at the Fox Public House, where Holloway-Smith Noir beautiful, erotic, lingerie accessories glimmer in the candlelight, for you to take your pick, because let’s face it, we can’t leave that up to the men either!’

The Fox Public House, Shoreditch
28 Paul Street, London EC2A 4LB
Tickets: £35 per head. To book please email

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